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Calling the Church Out Of Egypt

by Jo McGuffin

People are perishing. People are desperately seeking peace, pain relief, and God!

Where is the distinction between the world and the church? The Body of Christ does not realize the dangerous position in which they find themselves due to assimilation with the world. Many people are embracing another gospel that God calls accursed.

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THRIVING In The Last Days

by Amber Guthery

"Thriving In The Last Days"

Be challenged in how to live for the Lord in these crazy times. This book is designed to read on its own or as a follow up study after the Live Transformed course,


Live Transformed

Kingdom-focused, Christ-centered, discipleship process purposed for you to walk in who God created and redeemed you to be! 


Prayer Journal

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This Room by Tom Donnan (Series, Book 3)

This Room is a book about Grace Tabitha Winslow. It is Her dramatic life before Jesus and her life after receiving Him as her Savior and Lord. The Novel is short, only 57000 words. It is written that way because of the intensity of her life. 

This Room shows you how those who lived before us contributed to our lives, good and bad. You will read about her life as it is shown to Tabitha in the Room.

An unexpected dynamic arose. Inner healing touched all of us in the making of her story.


Running With Your Second Wind

by Phillip Corbett

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind (Acts 2:2)



One Door Between Us by Tom Donnan

(Series, Book 1)

Right on time, three sharp knocks sounded on the door. Lance was standing in the hallway. Taking one last, quick look in the mirror, she reached for the doorknob. Two lives were separated only by one wooden door.


Spiritual Housecleaning by Tom Donnan

Spiritual House Cleaning is all about closing doors to evil and opening doors to more of God. Evil is on a seek-and-destroy mission toward every believer. The prayers in this booklet were born out of Tom Donnan s need for a pure environment in his own life and home. Being spiritually sensitive, he has learned biblical truths to build a fortress of protection through prevailing prayer. We are entering a time of great challenges. Now is the time to do some spiritual house cleaning!

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Jessalyn by Tom Donnan (Series, Book 2)

Jessalyn is a labor of two years' work. As you read this book you will see God's inspiration and creativity.

"Innocence has an expiration date; sometimes the loss of innocence comes sooner and for others, it is later." 


Healing the Nation by Tom Donnan

Mediocrity in our churches is becoming fatal. Without demonstrations of God s supernatural power, we lack credibility. We need places where an intersection of heaven and earth exist. God is about to release a sweeping revival. It will not be pockets of revival for temporary seasons, but rather a healing of the land where churches become a Holy of Holies and the presence of God abides with us. Healing the Nation brings a dynamic vision of this new move of God, outlining what it will look like and how each believer can be a part of it, moving through repentance to a powerful walk in Christ.


7:14 Angels on Assignment Paperback

by Tom Donnan

When you look into the face of your own mortality, it changes things. On February 6th, 2006 I had the widow maker heart attack and died. I now write books to help people get close to God.

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